Academic Overview

RAKAA is committed to providing High Quality and World-Class Education. In this respect, we strive to ensure that the Curriculum of the school meets the various needs of our students. We offer an elevated American Curriculum for KG-1 up to Grade 12 which is aligned with the American Common Core Standards (CCSS) in all subjects, except for Science, which is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The language of communication and instruction at RAKAA is English in all subjects. Arabic, Islamic Education and Arabic Social Studies are Core subjects offered at RAKAA which convey and reflect the UAE Vision, Culture, and National Identity and which follow the Ministry Of Education (MOE) syllabus and textbooks. Wellbeing activities and programs are continuously ongoing all year long to support the curriculum. In KG and Elementary (Grades 1 to 4), there is a classroom /homeroom teacher responsible for the teaching of English, Math and Science. However, Arabic, Islamic and Social Studies are taught by specialist subject teachers. Grades 5 to 8 in Middle School and 9 to 12 in High School subjects are taught by subject specialist teachers.

Learning Cycles

Learning Cycles in the new structure RAKAA: we provide our students with four learning cycles comprising 14 years of schooling and they are:

Kindergarten: KG –1 and KG – 2
Elementary School: Grades 1 to 4
Middle School: Grades 5 to 8
High School: Grades 9 to 12

RAKAA Students

RAKAA School Achievements

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For us at RAKAA Online safety is an integral part of safeguarding and protecting your children. Accordingly, our school policy is written in line with our Child Protection Policy of ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ 2018 (KCSIE) and other statutory documents. Any issues and concerns with online safety must follow the School’s Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy & Procedures. RAKAA eSafety policy is developed to maintain rigorous and effective eSafety practices which aim to maximise the benefits of the Internet and ICT devices/equipment in supporting student learning and to contribute to the effective operation of the school, while minimizing and managing any risks. These eSafety practices aim to not only maintain a cyber-safe school environment, but also aim to address the need of students and other members of the school community to receive education about the safe and responsible use of present and developing information and communication technologies.

E-Safety Student Group Work

Safer Internet Day