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Admissions Policy

Ras Al Khaimah American Academy (RAKAA) will act as its own Admissions Authority and will operate admissions arrangements in line with the Ministry of Education (MoE)- UAE. The School will consult as required on all aspects of this policy as required by MoE.
Parents should note that the ethos of the school is multinational, catering for students from all nationalities. Girls make about 97% of our enrollment figures. We ask all parents applying for a place here to respect this ethos and its importance to the school community.



Application Process

Although acting as its own Admissions Authority, the RAKAA will work closely with the MoE in order to enable coordinated admissions arrangements. The School will make available the Application Form, in line with published timescales. A letter will be sent to existing parents, who may have other children in the school and those without, advising them of the opening of the enrollment process. Parents have to pay 1000 AED (non-refundable if they withdraw the application) an admission deposit to reserve a place for their child.



Those children who are not offered a place after all the over-subscription criteria has been applied will be placed on a waiting list, which will be maintained for one full school term. Should a place become available, RAKAA will immediately offer that place to the child at the top of the waiting list. A child’s ranking on the waiting list will be strictly adhered to,“first come first served”. Should the parents of that child not wish to take up the place, it will be offered to the child occupying the next place on the list, and so on.


In-Year Admissions

In-Year applications include applications made part-way through a school year or at the beginning of a school year which is not a normal entry point. RAKAA will work closely with the MoE to enable a coordinated response to be made to in-year applications. Although in many instances the school would be able to fill places from an existing waiting list, careful consideration would be given to all applications. All in-year applications will be treated fairly and, if a place cannot be offered, parents will be informed immediately.


Over-Subscription Criteria

If the school is oversubscribed, siblings of children already in the School when the new applicant is due to start will be given priority (i.e. the academic year immediately preceding the academic year for which admission is sought). This also includes cases where a sibling can be reasonably expected to still be at RAKAA at the time of his/her sibling’s proposed admission, for example a G11 student who could reasonably be expected to progress to G12. Siblings will be held to include brothers, sisters, step-brothers and step-sisters living permanently together with the child already in at RAKAA.



All new students enrolling/admitted to the school will sit for an Admission Exam to ascertain their levels of competency in English. This criterion is reached because English is the medium of instruction in the school except for Arabic and Islamic subjects.

Registration Process

KG and Elementary classes will not exceed 25. For G6-12, the class sizes will be up to 30. The number of new students admitted to the school in September of each year will depend on the number of classrooms available. This will change when we move to the new school.

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Registration Requirements

  • Completed and signed Application Form
  • Six (6) passport size photos
  • Report Card from previous school and transcripts
  • Copy of child’s Birth Certificate
  • Copy of child’s Immunization/Vaccination Records
  • Copy of child’s passport with visa (originals should be presented)
  • A passport copy of applicant father/or guardian
  • Transfer Certificate (needed at time of enrollment)
  • A recommendation letter from previous school
  • Emirates ID
  • Copy of Family Book (For UAE nationals)
Contact Our Admissions Office: 056-5004637

Campus Tour

School Fees

Admissions Fee:   AED 3000 for each child (non-refundable, non-transferable)

Tuition Fees Installments Book Fees Total
Grade Fees 1st Payment 2nd Payment 3rd Payment
KG 1 17,984 9,414 5,395 5,395 1,200 20,204
KG 2 18,890 10,126 5,667 5,667 1,350 21,460
Grade 1 25,518 13,327 7,655 7,655 2,100 28,638
Grade 2 25,518 13,327 7,655 7,655 2,100 28,638
Grade 3 25,518 13,327 7,655 7,655 2,100 28,638
Grade 4 25,518 13,327 7,655 7,655 2,100 28,638
Grade 5 26,229 13,712 7,869 7,869 2,200 29,449
Grade 6 26,229 13,992 7,869 7,869 2,480 29,729
Grade 7 31,786 16,209 9,536 9,536 2,825 35,281
Grade 8 33,439 16,546 10,032




Grade 9 35,092 18,007 10,528 10,528 3,300 39,062
Grade 10 36,781 18,182 11,034




Grade 11 36,781 18,182 11,034 11,034 2,800 40,251
Grade 12 37,971 18,658 11,391.3




Bus Fees
Area One way Two ways
School Area 1,500 2,500
Burairat 2,000 3,500
Ma'moora/Maareed 2,000 3,500
AlNakheel 2,000 3,500
Julan/Julfar 2,500 3,500
Rams/Shamal 2,500 4,000
Shaam 3,000 5,000
RAK Old Town/Khuzam 2,000 3,500
AlDhait 2,500 4,000
Digdagha 2,500 4,000
AlHamra 3,500 5,000
Khat 2,500 4,000