At RAKAA, we give so much importance to our students’ overall well-being. Not only do we support our students to improve their academic performance, but also, we immensely care for the well-being of their mental, emotional, and physical health. For that, we have a very well-experienced Students Welfare and Support Team who are responsible for monitoring the academic and social welfare of students by ensuring that students are respected, cared for, supported, and encouraged to express themselves.

Our team supports teachers when dealing with parents in matters about the welfare of their children and they participate in all staff meetings to provide advocacy for students at all times. They also provide help and assistance to teachers and teaching assistants when dealing with a difficult child and help teachers in addressing certain behaviors, having a plan for them to follow in dealing with specific students. As a very important factor, they maintain confidentiality and refrain from discussing students’ issues unless there is an urgent need to do so

UAE Government plans for ensuring the digital well-being of the UAE Community.

RAKAA is committed to ensuring our Digital strategies for safeguarding your children comply with the UAE National Digital Well-being strategy.

Child Protection Policy

Aims to provide clear direction to staff and others about expected codes of behavior in dealing with Child Protection Issues. Also, to make explicit the school’s commitment to the development of good practice and sound procedures so that child protection concerns and referrals are handled sensitively, professionally, and in ways that support the needs of a child. Furthermore, to integrate Child Protection Issues into the curriculum and to take account of policies in related areas such as behavior and anti-bullying.

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RAKAA Anti-Bullying

Anti-bullying Policy

The aim of our Anti-bullying Policy at RAKAA is to enhance awareness among all students, parents, and staff on the definition of bullying and the distressing effect it has on its victims. It also aims to create a safe and secure climate in which students who are bullied, or think another student is being bullied, can speak freely to an appropriate staff member with the full knowledge that they will be listened to and receive a prompt, appropriate, and sensitive response. Furthermore, this policy ensures that all students, parents, and staff are fully aware of the referral procedures for reporting bullying incidents and the strategies adopted for supporting those involved in these incidents. Consequently, it upholds a school community where bullying is recognized as unacceptable and where all students feel valued, secure, and happy.

Counseling Support Policy

RAKAA is committed to cultivating a respectful, diverse and inclusive community. The School takes seriously, the right of students and staff to have safe, secure, and comfortable learning and work environment. Therefore, the school provides education and interventions to align with creating a culture of respect and care so that barriers to seeking support can be broken down. Our counseling service is easy to access and available to all students at no additional charge and with or without a formal written referral.

At RAKAA, we recognize the diversity of the general, psychosocial, well-being, and learning needs of students. Thus, the school is committed to providing reasonable adjustments to decrease obstacles that may exist and to enable students the opportunity to progress and flourish. It also aims to apply Prevention and Early Intervention strategies to provide Just-in-Time support and to identify students who may be experiencing hurdles to progress and wellbeing. As a result, the School will implement strategies to raise student awareness of personal safety risks and issues and what to do in the event of a personal crisis.

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Gifted and Talented Policy

This policy at RAKAA aims to identify students who are talented and/or gifted and to ensure that the school provides for their individual needs, as well as to support the abilities, personal qualities, and talents of all children. It also aims to ensure that all children receive an education appropriate to their abilities, to provide teaching which makes learning challenging and enjoyable, to provide higher-order thinking and questioning skills, to employ a wide variety of methods of recognition of potential, to recognize under-achievement and to seek to remove it, and to stimulate children through extra-curricular activities were possible. Moreover, at RAKAA we expect that the curriculum for all will be extended by realizing the needs of the ablest. To achieve the aims of this policy, we continuously train our staff and regularly compile a Gifted and Talented Register and monitor progress.

RAKAA has also collaborated with Cambridge Center to provide educational workshops for students, parents, and staff members such as:

  • Children Well-being workshop for parents 
  • A Very interactive workshop between parents and presenter – Q&A, which discusses Children Behavioral Issues, Social Communication Skills, and Recommendations and Advice for parents on how to treat or handle certain issues with their children
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Workshop for the support staff, teaching assistants
  • Stress, Health, and Coping workshops for Administrators discuss how to handle and overcome stressful situations, stress management tools, and how to create an innovative way to visualize its effects on bodies and minds
  • Effective Communication in the Workplace Workshop for Administrators which discusses spoken, written, and visual interaction and communication, as well as, Work Ethics and Professionalism on how to deal with parents and their concerns, and how to deal with colleagues in the work field
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