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Mrs. Shaw

Our clear aim and purpose is to provide the best teaching and learning environment in which all our students will achieve their very best academically, physically, socially and who embrace Islamic values, Arabic traditions and culture.

Our motto ‘Share-Care-Empower-Inspire’ is fundamental to developing our students’ personalities as well as helping them build and improve their life-long learning skills. Empowering our students to become independent citizens with well- developed decision making, communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills, contribute to creating leaders of the future.

By working closely with all our parents we will together help to develop young people who will have all the skills they need to succeed in a rapidly changing, highly competitive global society to become future leaders.

Ras Al Khaimah American Academy for Girls is characterized by a very committed staff that has high aspirations for the students they teach and students themselves are eager to learn and participate in the life of the school.

As Principal it is my hope to build upon the many successes of the school since its inauguration over nine years ago and ensure we continue to provide the very best possible education for each and every student that attends the school. A critical part of this will be the opportunity to continue working in partnership with our parents as I believe that parents are an integral part of the learning process and therefore we are committed to keeping you informed and involved in our school community.

Our goal is to create a safe, warm, embracing, and nurturing learning environment for our students. As such we give particular importance to our students overall well-being, happiness, and comfort. I am hugely excited by the prospect of continuing to lead the school and in particular working collaboratively with the support that I know you as parents will continue to give me.

Whilst this website will give you some idea as to the campus, structure and facilities of this young school, it is only by coming to visit that you will be able to grasp the very positive, purposeful, energetic and multi- cultural learning community which has developed here.

About RAKAA School

It all started back in 2008 when His Highness Sheikh Faisal Bin Saqr Al Qassimi had a dream and a vision. He dreamt of a school where his own daughters would receive the highest quality education, be nurtured and grow in confidence; a school which is forward thinking and promotes critical skills and excellence. Read More ...

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