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The DNA of RAKAA is a ‘Top Performing Private School’ located in the Northern Emirates and offering a modern, forward thinking, and dynamic education to our students. We are building upon a very successful history of 13 years of international education experience in the UAE. We are a unique school which combines the rigor of an international educational model with the embodiment of Emirati values, national identity, and faith. There has been greater change to Education in the past six months than in the past hundred years.

We, at RAK American Academy, were well-positioned to meet the challenges associated with COVID-19 and the subsequent school closures.
In fact, the school closures accelerated our digitalization and hastened our path to becoming a global beacon of American Education. In the field of Digital Learning” we were rated highly as ‘Developed’’ by MOE.
RAKAA’s renowned high standards are matched by an aspirational culture, and we have been rated by Cognia, one of the oldest US Accreditation Boards for International Schools, in the Index of Education Quality/ IEQ with a score of 362. This translates to a school that is characterized as ‘Exceeding Expectations and demonstrating ‘Noteworthy International Best Practice’.
This external verifications reflect our journey from our last accreditation in 2016, our growth over the past five years, and the opportunities we have honed over the past months.
RAKAA strives to give parents peace of mind and assurance that their children are being cared for and educated in a safe environment, by highly qualified, experienced, and international all-female staff who strives to be inspirational role models for the girls.