KG Newsletter Week 6 STUDENT COUNCIL

Structure for Student Council

Supervising Teacher – Supervise conduct of the council, liaise with teachers and administration staff

President – Chair meetings, represent the school at events, encourage participation in school events

Vice Presidents (2)– Assist Junior School Delegates, represent the school at events, encourage participation in school events

Secretary – Take minutes of each meeting and maintain records

Class Representatives – (2 each) for Grades 9. 10, and 11

Junior School Delegates (2) – Grade 9 students to represent views of Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 classes. The Junior School classes will have 2 delegates each and will meet with the Grade 9 reps prior to Student Council meetings to discuss matters to be raised.

Student Teacher Liaison for Middle School Buddies – Assist Head of Department (Humanities) with Leadership Program and coordinate buddies for Middle School students moving into High School


Committees for (1 chair each (Grade12) and one class rep for each):

  • Teacher Support – help with collection of money for trips, classroom setup (AV), holding the daily roll, assisting with duties (arrival, departure, breaks)
  • Cleanliness – ensuring classrooms are kept clean, checking break areas, notice boards, corridors and other common areas
  • Innovation – assisting teacher in charge of Innovation Committee with school innovation
  • Environment – assisting teacher in charge of Environment Committee with environmental activities
  • Literacy – assisting Librarian and Head of Department (English) with literacy activities e.g. break-time libraries, drop everything and read events
  • Events – assembly set-up and support, special activities for celebration days (Teacher’s Day, Mother’s Day, National Day), graduation planning and cultural events (in consultation with Head of Department (Arabic Social Studies)
  • Sports – assist Physical Education teachers with sports days and with lunch time distribution of sports equipment
  • Charity – raising funds and awareness for charity (selling wrist bands, collecting blankets, etc)
  • Communication – manage and edit the school blog, prepare posters and other promotional materials for school events

The Behaviour Committee will consist of two Grade 12 students who will assist Head of School (Middle and High School) with overall behaviour, checking uniforms and compliance with school dress codes. Only Committee chairs will attend Student Council meetings unless other members are required for presentations or submissions. Committee Chairs will convene a committee meeting before the Student Council meeting to prepare a report to be given at the Student Council meeting. The report can be in point form but must be written. Committees may co-opt any student to assist with work where necessary but this is not to be done in class time. Students should not miss lessons for Student Council activities.

Student Council will meet fortnightly to discuss relevant issues. Minutes will be kept by the Secretary and actions managed by the President and Vice President. Committees will report at each meeting and provide a written report for inclusion with the minutes. Any proposed activities of committees must be ratified by the Student Council and approved by the School Management before being implemented. Written submissions, on the Activity Approval Form, will be required. At least two weeks is required for the approval process. If there is an urgent need for an approval, a submission can be made to the Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Secretary and Supervising Teacher) who will meet to consider and ratify the proposal. Each activity must also have a sponsoring staff member e.g. Teacher in charge of the Environment Committee.

RAKAA Student Behavior
RAKAA Society

Honor Society

RAKAA Honor Society is a society which celebrates students who are positive role models. Positive Role Model Students are those who maintain a high GPA, display excellent behavior, and have a very good attendance and punctuality record.
There are three levels of the Honor Society:
Level 1. High Honors: students with an average score of 95% and above
Level 2. Honors: students with an average grade score of 93-95%
Level 3. Honorable Mention: students with an average grade score of 90-93%

Honor Society Celebrations:

  • Students who achieve High Honors and Honors will be rewarded and recognized during an assembly for Middle and High School which takes place at the end of each Term of the Academic Year.
  • There is a notice board with the names and pictures of students who have achieved High Honors and Honors along with the names of the students who have received Honorable Mention.
  • Grade 12 students who achieve High Honors and Honors will wear a special sash during graduation.
  • The Valedictorian (the student who achieves the highest grade) and the Salutatorian (the student who achieves the second highest grade) will make a speech at the graduation ceremony.
  • There is a trip at the end of the year for Honor Society students.