The Sustainable Tree Initiative (Ghaf Trees):

The purpose of this initiative is to spread awareness among school students about the importance of Ghaf Tree, which inhabit the local environment in the United Arab Emirates, by setting goals to:

  • Educate students about the types of long-living trees, especially Ghaf Trees, which inhabit the local environment in the UAE.
  • Establishing a culture of environmental awareness among the groups of students of the first, second, and third stages about the importance of Ghaf Trees to humans and animals in the past and in the present.
  • Instilling the values of positive environmental behavior among students towards preserving Ghaf Trees as an important national resource in the UAE.

MEYE Young Leader of the Year Award (2019)

Our RAKAA students are participating in the Young Leader of the Year Award of 2019. This is an award for young members from the ages of 14- 21 years old in the UAE and the Middle East, who have determined skills through their attempt to unite their local community to band together for positive change, whether it's for people or for the planet. These members should be devoted to solve global issues through action in their local community, without fearing failure in achieving their goals. There are ten different awards categories which include:

  • Tolerance, Resilience, and Happiness
  • Sports, Leisure, and Entertainment
  • Science and Engineering
  • Health and Wellness
  • Government and Society
  • Environment and Community
  • Education and Training
  • Digital Technology and Media
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Art Fashion & Culture

Student Wellbeing

At RAKAA, we believe that Student Wellbeing is a very important factor which highly contributes to the success of our students. When students feel “well” and safe, their confidence and sense of achievement is enhanced, and are therefore encouraged to take new challenges. As a result, this improves and strengthens their mental health and resilience, and this is what we continuously strive for!

School Wide Merits

RAKAA School Merit

UAE Government plans for ensuring the digital well-being of the UAE Community.

RAKAA is committed to ensuring our Digital strategies for safeguarding your children are in compliance with UAE National Digital Well-being strategy.
Physical Education (PE) Department Activities and Challenges for student wellbeing:

  • Deal or No Deal Workout
  • Scavenger Hunt Workout
  • Spell your name workout
  • Monopoly Fitness
  • Roll The Dice Workout
  • Health Education
    Suggested Applications for students to use:
  • Nike App: ready-to-do workouts for all levels of fitness
  • STRAVA: an app to track fitness activities such as running/walking etc.

RAKAA Alumni

“RAKAA showed me all options, helped me choose my major depending on my interest in subjects, and most importantly, it has offered me the opportunity to have a scholarship in several universities that I have applied to”

Nada Hamed

Studying Chemical Engineering at the American University of RAK.
“RAKAA has helped me improve my technology skills since it heavily focuses on teaching students how to use technology. I have made many powerpoint presentations, projects like fairs, and many reports and research at school, which helped me a lot when I entered university. On the contrary, our teachers at RAKAA helped us understand the process and steps that we were going to go through in order to graduate from highschool. I believe that the extensive help that I have received at RAKAA made me get to where I am today, and made it much easier for me academically and theoretically.

Soad Chehade

Studying Nutrition and Food Science, at the American University of Science and Technology, Beirut.
“The constant support that I received from my teachers at RAKAA pushed me a lot to pursue bigger goals, and the school provided an extra push by encouraging its students to uptake leadership roles. Having universities visit our school helped me a lot in finding a potential university.”

Abidah Jalal Ahmed

Majoring in Health Studies, at the University of Waterloo, Canada.
“I have gained lots of knowledge and skills from being a student at RAKAA. The greatest part was being exposed to material brought from a wide spectrum of careers to help in decision making and preparation for university. In addition, the curriculum helped us practice all kinds of skills such as writing and communication through reports and research presentations, which have definitely eased my transition from a high school student to a university student.”

Mahra Eissa Al Shamsi

Majoring in Chemical Engineering, at Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi.
“RAKAA will always be remembered with its amazing teachers, amazing community, and amazing environment”

Fatema Ahmed Salem Alnuaimi

Graduated from New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) 
“RAKAA gave me the opportunity to apply to college and to enter the university that I wanted. It also enhanced and improved my leadership qualities which really helped me during my undergraduate program in university.”

Azary Mohamed Fahmi Abushahada

Working at Saqr Hospital – RAK